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    Sparkle Akan Earrings
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    AFLÉ is a luxury jewellery house that creates precious jewels of African genes for the modern liberated woman. Inspired by the centuries-old iconography of the Akan culture of West Africa, AFLÉ’s pieces celebrates women in their supreme splendour.

    AFLÉ intertwines style with culture to offer women exquisite jewellery that make a powerful aesthetic statement of timeless and opulent elegance, underlined by a spirited philosophy that is rooted in an authentic heritage. From rounded shapes that recall matrilineal interpretations, to figurative forms that express good fortunes, to clean lines that evoke infinity, to soft contours that depict nature, AFLÉ offers palatable collections of precious jewels that include necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, bangles, cuffs, sautoir, anklets and brooches. Every piece is a trilogy that speaks to the eyes, heart and mind, evoking wonder in their beauty, and inspiring awe in their connotation and message that transcend cultural boundaries.

    Founded in 2010 by Oukassa Wetzel, an artist who grew up surrounded by the strong women custodians of the Court Royale de l´Indénié of the great Akan kingdom of which she is originated, AFLÉ is her testament of the rich artistic cultural heritage that have shaped her and those that came before her for centuries. This led to her extraordinary blending of the art and symbolism of the rich Akan culture with modern jewellery designs that has defined the DNA of the brand.

    AFLÉ designs for the woman who is authentic in her persona, oozes self assurance and owns her womanhood. She is a woman of vision and values who knows who she is and seeks neither validation nor approval. Her cultivated taste is her signature, and her refined style is her template. She is drawn to AFLÉ’s Akan philosophy that places honouring women at its center; and is enchanted by Aflé Bijoux’s style and choice of precious materials sourced with mindfulness for nature and humans. She is a world citizen who is not defined by age nor social status but by who she is.

    AFLÉ’s collections are handcrafted in Italy and are available at major stores and retailers in North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa