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    Anact was started to inspire the founder, Brianna Kilcullen, to take simple acts to create the world she wanted to see and inspire others to do the same. Anact is short for "an act" whether it be an act of kindness, an act of goodwill, or the simple act of creating impact.
    Brianna's act was to create a sustainable bath towel made out of hemp to meet her sustainability and performance needs based on her experiences working in factories in the textile industry all over the world. After leaving working for several well known brands, she created Anact and the towels out of her hometown in Jacksonville, FL. Anact was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2019. Since then, Anact has grown organically and now is sold throughout the USA and in 10 countries.
    Anact is more than just a towel. Anact is focused on re-introducing textile manufacturing back to the USA. Each time you buy from Anact, you'll receive an impact score and the opportunity to join Anact's community of changemakers. Anact is proudly based out of Austin, TX, and hosts community jogs and events once a month in person.
    Cheers to simple acts!