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    Beyond Borders Collective

    It all began when Raul, an entrepreneur from Quito, Ecuador, and I (Kirsten), a missionary from a small town in the heart of Nebraska met and fell in love with each other while I was volunteering in Ecuador. As we were getting to know each other, Raul introduced me to the art and beauty of textile blankets crafted by indigenous families from the city of Otavalo in the highlands of Ecuador. We purchased our first blanket together and as our relationship evolved, that blanket became the perfect element to our relationship and life. These blankets have been part of our lives from many adventurous journeys to quiet cozy evenings in.
    Beyond Borders Collective was founded in Ecuador in 2017, and our small operation was moved to Nebraska in 2018 with only a few blankets in hand and a heart full of dreams, our journey was about to begin. In 2020, the business started to flourish due to the major growth that the eCommerce market experienced during the pandemic.
    Finally, in August 2020, we moved to Kansas City, with hopes of expanding our brand and operations. Today, we are proud to say that Kansas City is our home.
    Every product is created with the purpose of empowering the hard work these artisans from around the world put into creating their products and the value that it brings to the final customer, as well as to bridge the gap between cultures.
    Together, we are bringing a touch of culture, a feeling of home wherever we are, and the experience of empowering others.