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    We are "Bingin Diaries" and we are all about telling stories. Our hats’ story begins with our sustainable production stage, and it continues once they find a new home. Each collection is carefully designed and is meant to portray a playful yet nostalgic essence reminiscing of the summer’s past. Beautiful colours & shapes every new season!

    We have headquarters in France, Mexico & Bali. As per production, we’ve patterned with the best, ethical factories in Mexico and Bali to source only the best materials and share those stories with you down to the true cost of every product we make.
    Bingin Diaries is not a fast fashion brand. We want you to buy less and wear more. As a new generation brand with an eco-friendly approach, we only craft limited edition collections. And each hat is carefully hand-crafted with only the best materials.
    Wearing our hats should feel amazing, inside and out. Each hat provides comfort and ease, as well as peace of mind knowing a product you own has not come at the cost of someone else’s welfare and with minimal environmental impact.