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    ByErim is a haircare brand born out of love, compassion, and a young girl's determination to honor her mother's memory.

    When Erim's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and eventually passed away, Erim saw firsthand the impact of chemotherapy on her hair. At just eight years old, she knew she would one day pay homage to her mother, and thus, ByErim was born.

    Raised by her father, Erim had to have her hair cut into a short bob as no one knew how to care for it. But as she grew older, Erim became passionate about self-care and hair treatments. She spent weekends with her Grandma in the kitchen, experimenting with different hair oil recipes to help her hair grow long and strong like her mother's. After much trial and error, Erim and her Grandma stumbled upon the formula that now makes up every bottle of ByErim.

    With a commitment to using only natural, high-quality ingredients, ByErim offers a range of haircare products that nourish, strengthen, and promote healthy hair. Not only does ByErim deliver on quality, but it also has a powerful story that resonates with consumers.

    By choosing ByErim, customers can feel good about supporting a brand with a heartfelt mission to honor a mother's memory and promote self-care.