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    Founded by longtime friends Charlotte Wienckoski & Leigh Dorough, ESLLA is a cutting edge luxury handbag brand rooted in sustainability with an unwavering commitment to transparency, conscientiousness, and ethics.

    Drawing upon a shared interest in both business and fashion, Wienckoski and Dorough knew they wanted to push the boundaries to develop something truly innovative and special. However, it wasn’t until learning about the horrors of the leather industry that Wienckoski brought the idea of sustainable and ethically sourced vegan leather to Dorough. Having been a vegetarian since college, Dorough was immediately on board.

    Sourcing only the finest vegan and organic materials currently available, ESLLA handbags offer a strategically savvy solution to both the harmful fast fashion and leather industries with a look and feel that is equal parts gorgeous and surprisingly similar to that of actual leather.

    Short for Ethically Sourced Luxury Leather Alternatives, ESLLA offers conscientious consumers the ability to indulge in timeless, eye-catching silhouettes that offer a high-end look and feel… all without the guilt of contributing to a carbon footprint, animal cruelty, and poor working conditions found in the leather and fast fashion industries.

    Beautiful from the inside out, ESLLA handbags elevate any look instantly while simultaneously helping to make our planet that much kinder, cleaner, and healthier.