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    Coming from a traditional Greek family, I felt obligated to study medicine instead of following my true passion for fashion. I then entered the world of investment banking where I covered M&A for the pharmaceutical sector.

    In the meantime, frustrated by the lack of choice for stylish, high-quality, yet functional clothing, in my spare time, I would hand-craft bespoke items for private clients and personal wear.

    After successfully exiting 2 previous startups, I created Fi Milano as a result of many years of experiences, success, and challenges.

    Vitamin D deficiency does not discriminate; no matter your age, gender, ethnicity, or religious denomination. We are all affected by this. Fi Milano was created to give those who want a natural solution to a global Vitamin D deficiency problem.

    This one thing will change everything - Vylet® , a fabric that acts as a filter to the sun

    Vitamin D absorption is a global growing concern affecting c. 1 billion people worldwide whilst 50% of the population is reported to have a vitamin D deficiency.

    Vylet® brings a solution to this problem.

    Independently verified by a 3rd party lab, Vylet® filters the sun's UV rays by blocking harmful UVA while allowing controlled amounts of UVB to pass through and thus allowing your body to produce its own Vitamin D.