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    F I E L D S

    They’re his FIELDS of interest, his FIELDS of experience, his FIELDS of flow.
     We believe the modern man is proud to be multifaceted, knowing that an identity is the sum of its components. As a contemporary menswear clothing brand, FIELDS explores these facets grouping them as:
    Soul, encompassing contemplation, purity, connection and integrity;
    Art, including impactful work, creativity and leadership and;
    Outdoor, the tactile, the environment, physicality and nature play.
    Our approach is to be both environmentally and economically sustainable. Business decisions are made with a long term view. Garments are crafted using natural fibres sourced and made throughout Southern Africa. Our twill and herringbone fabrics have been custom developed and woven to our specifications. Through FIELDS we showcase the quality our yarn and factory partners bring in their manufacturing. 
     We take pride in partnering with South African based specialist factories, some of which have been in business for more than three decades. These factories are responsibly-run, uphold local craftsmanship, pay fairly and treat their employees with dignity. Our collaboration is continuous through regular (weekly) face to face collaboration, to constantly learn, improve our quality and minimise wastage. Furthermore it's important to us that we facilitate local community support and industry growth.
     We focus on using sustainably sourced, natural fibres in our products for their comfort, breathability and superior quality. The wool in our garments are Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) as well as OKEO-TEX Standard 100 certified. The mohair we used can be traced back to the source, is mulesing free and will soon be Responsible Mohair Standard (RMS) certified. More than 80% of our cotton is sourced as sustainable through the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).
     Seasonally we collaborate with African artists. By exhibiting their works in an unexpected way, we enable wearers to express themselves; ultimately being able to live their lives in the art they so appreciate.