Having spent many years in the design industry, we've seen hundreds of products marketed as "sustainable" that, in reality, usually due to economic decisions, fall very short of the promises they claim.
    We were fed up with sustainability being treated as an afterthought in design.
    Our commitment is to the circular design process. Simply put, this is where products are designed with the end of the product's life in mind. This approach removes a lot of conventional material options. We decided early on that being recyclable was not good enough when it comes to plastics, as most can only be recycled a few times.
    We prioritise biodegradability and the use of materials from natural sources above all else. This means some parts of briiv cost more to produce and the design process has been more complex, but also ensures we make products that do not harm the environment.
    briiv has achieved several awards for its sustainable design, including:
    Solar Impulse Efficient Solution 
    A design 2021 
    Red dot 2021 
    We also offset our carbon footprint via Carbon Fund