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    untamed. couture. opulent. radical.

    Sultry natural & vegan cosmetics as exquisite as couture. A cabaret for the face - celebrating individuality through glamorously healthy beauty products. We translate runway trends into must-have beauty colors and naturally formulate for optimal results. Joséphine thrives on providing glowing, healthy skin and ignites the unconventional beauty. Radically Chic. Mesmerizing Colors. Earth Friendly. Joséphine unleashes a blend of vintage French elegance with New York City downtown cool, delivering something really chic and very seductive.

    A boutique, natural, vegan & modern cosmetics brand that is bold and trendsetting. Heavily inspired by the untamed and fierce, the allure of haute couture, the opulence of 1920s starlet Josephine Baker and coupled with a radical Avant Garde aesthetic – Joséphine is exotic, extraordinary, natural and vegan beauty.