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    Melina Bucher

    Melina Bucher was founded on the cores of aesthetics and empathy. Our vision is to change the fashion industry to be a transparent, ethical and inclusive place. We design High Fashion with modern values and meticulous attention to detail.
     Luxury – redefined.
     We are obsessed with handbags - and animals! From the beginning our vision was to establish a new kind of luxury. A lifestyle that appreciates high-end design and craftsmanship while embracing all living beings. We are proudly using innovative vegan leather, which is both durable and of highest quality. We also do not use any animal-derived glues, waxes or color dyes. For our efforts we received the PETA-approved vegan certification
     We believe that only honest craftsmanship leads to exceptional quality. Each of our handbags is designed in Germany with meticulous attention to detail. Including smart features to organize busy lives. Handcrafted by the best artisan craftsmen in Europe. Leading to highest quality products made to last.
     High-end fashion needs more transparency and sustainability. We are therefore committed to a transparent supply chain and including sustainability in every business decision. We are especially focusing on implementing technology for traceable transparency in our value chain and R&D projects for material innovations.
     Melinas Personal Message
    "I have always had a special connection with high-end fashion. But with time, I did more research on the conditions of fashion production. The impact on the environment and people involved is huge, not to mention the treatment of animals.
    I began to ask myself: Are these products in line with my understanding of value and quality?
    And the simple answer was: no.
    With my brand, I am on a mission: a mission to do it all! Combining what a long time seemed contradicting: Ethics and luxury, sustainability and aesthetics, smart functions and design. With a modern approach to materials and 100% transparency. High fashion for strong women who claim their agency."