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    ODILE was the name of my grandmother, my greatest source of inspiration. Her life-long philosophy of “Less is More”, developed through the tough times of World War II, is continually respected in our approach to design.

    I remember so fondly my visits to her Parisian apartment, where I would spend hours watching her sewing a Liberty-printed bolero, knitting the most stylish mittens or creating a magnificent jewelry box out of recycled paper.

    Language literate with a PHD in German & Latin, she traveled the world solo from Asia to the US and her stories nurtured my imagination as a teen. This was the source of my passion to discover new lands and my motivation to face exciting & demanding challenges.

    ODILE IS A PORTUGUESE LIFESTYLE BRAND based on simple slow-life values & high-quality pure materials, revisiting traditional Portuguese craft techniques with a contemporary look

    PORTUGUESE SKILLED CRAFTSMANSHIP - we work mainly with local ateliers & artisans to preserve their legacy while expanding their capabilities through promotion & training 

    TIMELESS DESIGN - we do not follow the fashion cycles but develop only timeless items with a signature twist

    LESS IS MORE production of limited batches where each item is numbered and produced by the order for 75% of our products

    SUSTAINABLE - we work only with eco-friendly materials to have a low impact on our environment (organic, natural, upcycled & recycled)