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    The Furniture brand making good design affordable.
    Designed to fit your space.
    We are Popstrukt. A new kind of furniture brand creating high quality, versatile and affordable flatpack furniture and homeware in line with the latest international trends.
    Designed to Fit your Budget
    At Popstrukt we believe in placing the design process at the heart of everything we do. And while the application of this principle might seem obvious when it comes to our flatpack furniture it extends to every aspect of our business. We're using the principles of design to make good furniture more accessible.
    Designed to Fit your Needs
    Our furniture is created to be versatile, with each piece perfect for a wide variety of rooms and specific uses. Find the perfect piece for your space.
    Designed to Fit Together

    Our furniture is created for easy assembly, meaning you can build your own piece with little to no DIY knowledge. It's like Lego for grownups.

    We believe good design should make beautiful things more accessable.