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    VENIM® is a minority-owned and operated D2C denim brand with sustainability, community, and inclusivity at the core of our values. We design and sell unisex, customizable denim jackets made from recycled designer denim, saving millions of gallons of water every year. In addition to being produced from "waste" materials known as liability denim, our jackets are made entirely in California with a tight supply chain to help reduce carbon emissions. We chose to refresh the iconic denim jacket because of its resilience as a fashion category. For decades, it's managed to evolve alongside fashion trends instead of flowing in and out with them, however our larger mission is to enable all people to wear and cherish their wardrobe more by taking part in the design process and to feel empowered to shop outside of gender. Being founded by two formally-trained fashion designers, we believe that environmentally-friendly designs do not need to come at the cost of craftsmanship and innovation. Since 2018, co-founders Leslie Fong and Kaycee Houchin have been growing the next cult denim brand, by hand.