What is Plain Tiger Wholesale? 
Plain Tiger Wholesale is a digital marketplace for wholesale products, making it easier and cheaper for retail businesses to buy from independent sustainable brands from all over the world. Products are purchased directly from Plain Tiger via sellers that supply the goods and are intended for resale purposes and not for consumption.

For Retailers

What makes Plain Tiger’s wholesale marketplace unique for retailers? 
Plain Tiger offers their retailers the following: 
  • Discover Independent Brands - Discover the most desirable independent sustainable brands globally, with real-time product information and pricing 24/7.
  • Shop with Confidence - All products are expertly vetted against the highest standards of sustainable production, quality and style.
  • Easy Payment & Flexible Terms - Cash flow friendly with up to 60-day payment terms

How do I buy from the Plain Tiger wholesale marketplace? 
You can buy wholesale goods once you have signed up and have been approved. We try to approve retailers within a day, but slight delays might occur. We don’t allow third-party marketplace resellers (Amazon, Bol.com, Etsy).

How can I view the wholesale prices? 
You can view wholesale prices for all brands on Plain Tiger only once your application to become a retailer has been approved by Plain Tiger.

Can I buy from Plain Tiger without having a business? 
Not through our wholesale platform, but many of the products available on our wholesale platform are also available on our Plain Tiger consumer platform - PLAIN TIGER
Can I buy every brand on your marketplace? 
Yes, all brands you see are available to you. We do however give brands the right to cancel or adjust orders. Some brands don’t sell to every region, and we’ve mostly filtered those out for you already (you might still see it in a campaign from time to time though).

How Does Shipping Work ?
Our marketplace is made up of independent brands, and as such, each ship their products directly to retailers. At the checkout, we’ll provide an estimated shipping cost, if available. This shipping cost is an estimate, and the final cost of shipping will be finalized once your order has shipped and your invoice will be updated to reflect this. Products that ship from another country will be reviewed at customs upon import into your country and are subject to duties and taxes. 

How do I pay Customs & Duties Payments ?
Plain Tiger will provide a duties and taxes estimate in your shopping cart and at checkout. The final cost of duties & taxes will be determined by the customs agent at the border. Import fees are calculated based on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS), also known as tariff codes. Every product shipped internationally must have an associated tariff code that is used to classify the products to determine the applicable import fees. Brands are responsible for providing the associated tariff codes to their products when shipping an order internationally.

Can I return my Products?
If there is an issue with your order, you can send a report (within 4 working days) through to our support team - support@plaintiger.co. After submitting your order feedback, our customer service team will get back to you within 5 working days. In case your request meets our guidelines and a return is accepted, the return cost will be covered by the brand. 

Possible Issues that will be considered for a return

  • Defective goods
  • Damaged goods
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Misrepresentation of goods
  • Wrong goods delivered
What is the Extended Credit Option?
Plain Tiger and our Credit Partners may offer qualified retailers an extended credit option depending on their business. The extended credit option is only available after the first purchase has been concluded and is not available to all retailers.
I’m not approved for extended credit terms, what now? 
If we’re unable to approve you for payment terms (at this point in time), you can still order on our marketplace and directly pay in the checkout using other payment methods. This will be inline with the payment terms that the brands set, which vary. We’re constantly improving our model and we’ll try to be as transparent as possible.

For Brands

I’m a brand. How can I sign up? 
Please register yourself as a brand via our brand application page.

What makes Plain Tiger’s wholesale marketplace unique for brands? 
We empower independent sustainable brands to scale their businesses by selling to brand-fit retailers, globally.

  • Connect to the right partners - showcase your products to a vetted selection of forward-thinking retailers, worldwide.
  • Consolidate your wholesale business - be discovered by new retailers & move existing ones into one platform with no commission on existing partner sales.
  • Streamline Sales & Logistics - we expertly manage the end-to-end purchase, payment and shipping needs of growing your brand globally.

How do I know if I can sell my products in different countries/regions?
All brands selling on Plain Tiger are responsible for complying with all laws, rules, and regulations in all countries/regions they choose to sell their products on the platform. This includes but is not limited to: product safety, labeling requirements, testing, warnings, copyright, import/export regulations, and other consumer protection law requirements. 

To determine if your products can be sold in other countries, please consult a customs broker or legal counsel about readiness. Plain Tiger is unable to provide specific guidance on all product compliance requirements for brands. 
If you are not able to sell your products to certain locations, please note this during the onboarding process.