Hand on Hip Woven Pot | Large
Hand on Hip Woven Pot | Large
Hand on Hip Woven Pot | Large
Hand on Hip Woven Pot | Large
Hand on Hip Woven Pot | Large

Hand on Hip Woven Pot | Large

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  • Margin : x2.5
  • Shipped From : Spain
  • Lead Time : 3 - 16 Weeks

Woven pot Hand on Hip Large:

A woven perspective

Colour: Multicolour

Are you looking for a sculptural object for your mantelpiece? This Pot with it’s curvy shape and delicate weave willdecorate your room beautifully (measuring approximately 26 cm x 30 cm) and make  a beautiful vessel to hold dry flowers.


The pot was designed in our studio by Sara Efia Reddin and is entirely woven by hand using a traditional basket weaving technic from Bolgatanga, in the north of Ghana. The delicate open weave stripes and colourful striped handles accentuates this evocative decorative piece.

Woven with the grass Veta Vera, which is naturally durable. This beautiful Wall lamp is magnificent next to your bed, in a living room or along a hallway.


Basket weaving from Bolgatanga is a a traditional African weaving technic. The grass Veta Vera grows locally. The reeds are twisted by hand and small batches are coloured using vegetable or food dyes in cauldrons. The weaving is tight and smooth, our weavers have honed their art to make our contemporary shapes.

This pot takes around 2 days to weave.

Why choose this pot … ?

To own one of our woven objects, is to encourage the modernisation of a beautiful tradition, inspiring and supporting the weaving communities by introducing their art to the contemporary design world.


Woven pot : Woven by hand with Veta Vera Straw, height approximately 30 cm and width approximately 26 cm ;

Please do not forget that this pot is woven by hand and the slight differences in shape and colour are completely normal. Please also remember that the material is natural and therefore we do not recommend them for use outside or on terraces.

The colours are natural and may fade if placed in direct sunlight.

Golden Editions believes that artisanal is the new luxury. Our lamps and cushions are made by hand to be treasured..

10 % of the sale price (before tax) goes torwards charitable initiatives within the weaving comunities we work with.

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