Inflatable Armbands | Manon
Inflatable Armbands | Manon
Inflatable Armbands | Manon

Inflatable Armbands | Manon

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  • Margin : x2.5 - x3
  • Shipped From : France
  • Lead Time : 7 - 14 Business days

Inflatable armbands composed of two chambers per armband. Ideal model for learning to swim in style, under constant and close surveillance of an adult. 

Printed from Lucas' iconic motif: scratch Manon.

For each armband, swell with the mouth only ( the use of an inflator could damage the valve ) one inner tube and then the other. Push the valves well. Check that everything is correctly adjusted and operational before each use.

All our inflatable being printed and handcrafted with screen printing frames, each article is similar but sometimes with slight differences. Each accessory is therefore unique ! 

  • Inflatable armbands suitable for children from 3 to 6 years old. 
  • Child's weight: 18 - 30 kg
  • recyclable PVC, without phthalate, without BPA: 0.25 mm. 
  • Dimensions: 23 cm X 15 cm.
  • Packaged format: 18 cm X 15 cm X 2 cm.

Warning! To be used under constant and close supervision of an adult.

Regularly check the covers and valves of the armbands to verify that there is no tear or hole. If you notice a tear or hole, please discard the products ( do not repair them ) and replace them with a new pair.

Product tested and approved according to standard EN 13138-1: 2014 and bearing the CE marking.

Conseils of entmaintenance and storage

Rinse with clean water after use and wait for the armbands to be dry before storing them.
Store in a dry place. Read the instructions for use carefully. 

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