Matcha Glass Tea Bowl
Matcha Glass Tea Bowl

Matcha Glass Tea Bowl

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  • Shipped From : United Kingdom / Germany / Japan
  • Lead Time : 14 - 21 Business days

Whisk and pour in style!

This beautifully crafted bowl is a modern take on the traditional Japanese matcha bowl, known as a Chawan. Made to allow the air, water, and matcha to easily mix together, and effortlessly pour with the sprouted edge.

Mix and pour your matcha to perfection. Pair it alongside our scoop, whisk, and holder to complete the set!


Dishwasher safe.
Size: 122mm x 60mm (+/-)
Volume: 400ml

How to use

Add one scoop of matcha powder into your tea bowl. Gently add 75 mL (2.5 oz) of warm water at 80º C (175º F). Whisk until you see a perfect union of matcha and water. Once you begin to see an inviting green foam, your cup of goodness is ready. Enjoy hot, over ice or with your favourite milk. 

Matcha Union

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