OXO Try Me Kit | Permanent Hair Smoothing Treatment
OXO Try Me Kit | Permanent Hair Smoothing Treatment
OXO Try Me Kit | Permanent Hair Smoothing Treatment
OXO Try Me Kit | Permanent Hair Smoothing Treatment

OXO Try Me Kit | Permanent Hair Smoothing Treatment

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  • Shipped From : Hong Kong
  • Lead Time : 3 - 6 Business days

Say Goodbye to Harsh Chemicals with OXO Organic - The Safe and Innovative Hair Smoothing Treatment for a Natural Look

OXO Organic is the only safe smoothing treatment for hair that provides a natural look. It uses a low pH formula that does not contain harsh chemicals such as Formaldehyde and glycolic Acid, Ammonia or Sulfur, making it safe for all. The product is applied to the hair, 100% shampooed out and then ironed, eliminating the risk of inhaling vapors or exposing the hair to polluting chemicals during the heating process. OXO Organic transforms coarse, frizzy, and curly hair to smooth, straight, and shiny hair while preserving the hair's integrity. It is suitable for use in clean salons and provides a life-changing experience for salon clients.

Maintain Your Hair's Strength and Style with OXO Organic - Hair can be Coloured or Highlight Immediately After Treatment

The OXO Try Me Kit includes:

10 fl.oz / 300ml OXO Smoothing Treatment

5 fl.oz / 150 ml purifying shampoo

5 fl.oz / 150 ml 9 pH Pre treatment shampoo


* Sufficient for 2-3 treatments

  • For professional use only.
  • Please use all necessary/recommended equipment.

This professional use cream ensures volume reduction, frizz control, extra shine conditions from roots to ends and helps to extend the longevity of the treatment.

The OXO permanent smoothing treatment provide your clients with a safe environment and healthy hair with the only straightening product shampooed 100% off the hair before

Experience OXO Benefits:

  • Smoothing treatment is permanent
  • No smoke or chemical foams
  • No need to dry hair - just wash and go
  • No special shampoo required after treatment 
  • You can swim in the ocean or in the pool immediately
  • Color or bleach immediately following treatment
  • Safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Works for all hair types.



STEP 1 Instructions to begin

1. Determine the hair type for treatment timing of the process and flat iron work. 

2. Shampoo hair 100% with OXO Pre Treatment shampoo.

3. Dry Hair completely

STEP 2 Apply Treatment (convert centimeters into inches)

  1. Part a small row of hair (about 5 cm in width) holding it at a 90° angle from the scalp.
  2. Using a tinting brush, apply OXO at about 1 cmfrom the roots avoiding contact with the scalp, which may produce a tingly or itchy reaction to unknown allergies and sensitive skin.
  3. Without touching the scalp use a rat tail comb to apply the product on the entire length of the hair.
  4. Put the remaining product on the comb to apply on the hair close to the scalp.
  5. Check the areas around the neck and ears to be sure that no material is left on the skin. If so clean it out with a wet cloth. 

STEP 3 Completely Remove Treatment

  1. Rinse with hot water to completely remove the OXO treatment.
  2. Then use OXO Purifying Shampoo to wash (yes, wash, not just rinse) the treatment product out of the hair.
  3. Repeat, using the OXO Purifying Shampoo to wash the hair a second time until the scalp and hair are completely clean.
  4. Dry the hair completely with blow dry

STEP 4 OXO flat iron method

  1. Divide the hair to 4 even sections. (convert centimeters into inches).
  2. Part the hair in a thin straight row (about 5 cm in width).
  3. Make sure the OXO flat iron is on MAX heat 238c 460F
  4. Using a clip comb at a 90° angle, grasp a row of hair, pulling (not yanking) until there is tension and insert the row into the flat iron, placing the flat iron as close to the scalp as possible without touching it. Without pressure close the iron (do not squeeze) on the hair, remain (without moving) for 5 seconds on eace hair section and repeat the same section 2-3 times.
  5. How do you know when ironing a section is completed?
  • Look for that maximum shine.
  • Start working on the hair, using the first row as a test row.
  • Complete five seconds of ironing and check the shine.
  • Repeat ironing each section until maximum shine appears at the root, and along the length to the ends.
  • If the ends of the hair are curly, iron well.
  • If the ends are damaged, iron lightly only about 4-7 times, until the cuticle is closed and the hair has the desired nutrient shine.
  • In case of badly damaged hair, without curl, lower the temperature by 1-2 levels, depending on hair condition.
  • If hair is Damaged/Fragile/Brittle/Dyed/Bleached/Blonde hair: start by gently ironing for 15 seconds, if you achieve shine, STOP. If not, continue for another 15 seconds, or until you achieve shine and close cortex.

      STEP 5 Tips for Success

      Critical for straightening the hair is keeping the flat iron closed, maintaining a tight tension and the right temperature throughout.

      • Iron each section separately and slowly with a constantly closed iron. This allows the heat to penetrate the hair.
      • Alwaysbe sure to insert the thin, neatly combed rows into the iron while it is pulled tight and neatly combed. to work in thin combed rows.
      • If the row is loose or tangled, stop and re-comb the hair.
      • If there is no tension and the hair “dances” in the iron, the hair will not straighten. Repeat until achieving maximum shine and full closure of the cortex. (We call this iron movement “cooking” and not “milking” of the hair.)

      STEP 6 Assess the results for corrections

      No need to worry! 

      • While the customer is still in your salon repeat the flat iron process if you missed a curl or a puffy section. 
      • If a correction is needed on another day re-apply OXO and perform the treatment (only on the sections which need correction). 
      • Re-applying OXO performing a correction has no danger, however, it is not recommended to straighten the hair more than 3 times in one year.


      Aqua / Water, Cetearyl, Alcohol, Glycerin, Methicone, Behentrimonium Chloride, Paraffinum Liquidum, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Polyqatemium-10 Oxoacetamide Carbocysteine, Theobroma Cacao Extract, Hydrolyzed Keratin, Amodimethicone, Trideceth-12, Peg-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Hydrolyzed Rice Protein, Sodium Benzoate, Parfum, Argania Spinoza Kernel Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia Extract, Cetrimonium, BHT, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Linalool.

      OXO Organic

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