Perfect Matcha Scoop
Perfect Matcha Scoop
Perfect Matcha Scoop

Perfect Matcha Scoop

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  • Margin : x1.5 - x2
  • Shipped From : United Kingdom / Germany / Japan
  • Lead Time : 14 - 21 Business days

Scoop the right amount of matcha, every time! 

Our matcha serving scoop measures ½ tsp of matcha powder. It comes in a silver colour with the MU logo on the handle and is made using stainless steel.


The scoop is 12.5cm long and the handle width is 1.8cm. 

2.5ml equivalent to 1.5g of matcha powder.

1 scoop = 40mg of caffeine

2 scoops = 80 mg of caffeine

Dishwasher safe.

How to use

Add one scoop of matcha powder into a bowl. Gently add 75 mL (2.5 oz) of warm water at 80º C (175º F). Whisk until you see a perfect union of matcha and water. Once you begin to see an inviting green foam, your cup of goodness is ready. Enjoy hot, over ice or with your favourite milk. 

Need an extra boost? Double the dose and add two scoops!

Matcha Union

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