Rectangular Scarf in Ecrù
Rectangular Scarf in Ecrù
Rectangular Scarf in Ecrù
Rectangular Scarf in Ecrù
Rectangular Scarf in Ecrù
Rectangular Scarf in Ecrù
Rectangular Scarf in Ecrù

Rectangular Scarf in Ecrù

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  • Margin : x1.5 - x2
  • Shipped From : Italy
  • Lead Time : 3 - 6 Business days

Handmade, sustainable, fair trade and with Vylet®️ Vitamin D boosting technology.

Measurements 190cm x 80cm. It is large enough to give you coverage but not too large so that it adds unnecessary fabric to the back, neck and shoulders.

Lab verified *SPF 20 with a controlled UVB transmittance, it can be worn all day with little-to-no risk of tanning underneath. 

Excellent for those looking for sun protection and vitamin D creation while avoiding plastics & creams that pollute the environment. 

This special fabric has 10x the antibacterial capacity of cotton, it is breathable, and excellent for sweat management in humid climates.

*Due to natural variations that occur in within plant fibres and the natural dyes used, an error allowance of  approximately  5% is considered within normal range.


Composition & Care

Each piece is carefully hand made with 100% Vylet® Tencel.

Please follow the cleaning instructions to ensure the filter of the fabric remains intact & Vylet® fabric keeps working for you at her full potential:

  • Hand Wash Cold Or At 30℃
  • Wash With Like Colours Only
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Do Not Tumble Dry
  • Do Not Use Fabric Softener
  • Do Not Dry Clean
  • Iron With Steam
  • Hang or Flat Dry
  • Use of harsh detergents, fabric softener, or tumble dryer will destroy the fabrics functionality.

*The use of a tablespoon of Citric Acid for Laundry or White Distilled Vinegar in the "fabric softener" compartment of your washer is highly recommended as it dissolves lime and calcium build up from hard water.

For Best Results

Wearing more than 2 layers will weaken the filter; avoid excessive wrapping, or wearing of under-layers.

Use at least 2 pieces when in the sun for the best UVB absorption eg.

  • Scarf & Shirt (or kaftan)
  • Top & Trousers

The models you see in the images are all wearing skin coloured underwear. We recommend that for any white, or light coloured clothing, choose underwear that matches your skin colour for an elegant and modest result.

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