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    ALEKSANDRAVIKTOR is a contemporary brand, founded in Berlin by Aleksandra Jagdfeld, with a traditional approach that tells the story of the origin of fashion. Through one iconic wardrobe essential, ALEKSANDRAVIKTOR takes you on a journey exploring heritage, tradition, culture, and a deeper sense of connection. Each collection embodies centuries old rituals and handicraft techniques woven into the highest quality coats, reinterpreted for modern, everyday life.

    ALEKSANDRAVIKTOR is focused on one iconic product — the coat — which is reinvented in each collection, inspired by different parts of the world, but with a continuous focus on fascinating, high-quality fabrics and modern shapes.

    Her first collection consists of 9 exceptional IKAT Chapans superbly highlighted in a range of boldly curated sophisticated colours and patterns. Each hand-woven coat is made from a blend of the highest quality cottons and silks specifically designed & created for this collection (50/50 — The lining is 100% silk). The fabrics are hand woven in Uzbekistan, the coats tailored in Europe.

    Each design is truly unique, as old dying techniques are combined with reinterpreted patterns, developed by the brand itself, for a modern look and feel. The brand’s founder has a deep connection to heritage and tradition, and the coat symbolizes that connection between who we are at our core, formed by heritage and culture, and how we choose to express ourselves in our day-to-day. ALEKSANDRAVIKTOR does not only focus on the act of dressing on a superficial level, but also puts an emphasis on the ritual of wearing something that takes us on a journey — to a place, a feeling or a deeper sense of self.

    Aleksandra focuses only on one product at the time.

    Her great goal is to support local manufactories all over the world and help them maintaining in times of fast fashion. The brand values the provenance and origin of fashion. The craftsmanship and tradition combined with sophisticated design are the fundaments of the spirit.

    Viktor is Aleksandra’s son.