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    GOOD Parfum

    Juan Carlos was born in France but his Spanish origins strongly influenced his future personal formation. After a decade developing his expertise on design and scent creation, he then had the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with Couture houses, where he ensured the artistic and technical development of significant projects such as Dolce & Gabbana Tiffany, Valentino…

    Since 1999, the year when he created his own design agency in which he constantly expresses his will of freedom and pleasure of creating. He says : “Creation is not an isolated act, it always fits into a logic which calls upon the sensitivity of the one who creates, with his/her interpretation of the world and his/her memory”.

    In February 2020, he pushes his creativity to its best by offering an alternative to classic perfumery, launching innovative technologies for eco-friendly scents and packagings.

    Its expression is named GOOD Parfum