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    - Dr. Nader Sheasha

    How it started

    Inspired by history, rooted in nature, crafted by science and surrounded by passion for perfection, IXORA was born to provide a revolutionary organic beauty.

    With years of scientific and practical experience in herbal medicine and the natural cosmeceutical beauty industry, IXORA was created by pharmacist, Dr. Nader Sheasha. He has combined his expertise in historical formulations with the latest natural biotechnology to meet modern-day skin care demands and provide the ultimate in skin care solutions.

    Dr. Nader and a team of world class personal care technologists dedicated years to develop unique organic beauty formulations. Focusing on ingredients with the highest quality and maximum concentration of organic botanical extracts, resulted in luxury products that are as natural as they are effective. It is critical that all Ixora products are created using cruelty-free methods as well as free from any harmful or controversial ingredients. This allows Ixora to meet the highest global standards of organic certification, COSMOS organic.

    The highest level of organic certification for beauty products in the world

    COSMOS (COSMetic Organic Standard) was founded in 2002 by five major organic and natural cosmetics certification bodies to harmonize European guidelines for natural and organic cosmetics. This has now become a global standard in Organic beauty.

    The COSMOS-standard sets out challenging criteria for organic and natural cosmetics that consumers can trust. The Standard defines the criteria that companies must meet to ensure consumers that their product are genuine organic and natural cosmetics to the highest feasible sustainability practice. To date over 16,000 products in 60 countries that carry the COSMOS Organic and COSMOS Natural signature.

    The main principles of the COSMOS standard include:

    - Supporting the use of organic and natural ingredients
    - Promoting the use of ingredients from organic farms
    - Respecting biodiversity and using natural sources responsibly
    - Using ethical and clean processing to respect the environment and human health
    - Promoting ‘Green Chemistry’ instead of harsh synthetic chemicals
    - Transparency to consumers about products and ingredients

    Ixora is proud to uphold all these standards and provide quality, sustainable, certified organic products