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    The history of RIVAGE has started in 1996 in Jordan, but the Dead Sea itself has been a healing and medicinal natural spa since 3000 BC. It’s a combination of minerals from miraculous Dead Sea and plant based extracts under French laboratory and Co:dermal formulation methodology. The salts, the mud and the water of the Dead Sea gives a remarkable source of beauty-enhancing, age-delaying and skin-nourishing materials. We use these elements to activate the natural repair process, accelerate cell regeneration, regulate moisture levels, prepare the skin for nourishment.

    With strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), ISO 9001 procedures, our products are tested at every stage – from formulation to production – and never on animals. We use recyclable materials and our plant runs on a 100% renewable energy; sustainability is one of our goals.

    Since the beginning, our vision was to produce whole range of natural skin care products to compete the high rank brand names worldwide. With commitment to quality and innovation, RIVAGE has gained a wide recognition and is now available in 23 countries worldwide and had obtained the first grade according to comparison with same products from different manufacturers in Europe. These results were announced through international magazines distributed in Europe and we are available in the best Spas and Beauty Lounges worldwide.