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    Our company was founded by two individuals who shared a passion for sustainability and the hospitality industry. One had a background in hotels while the other had a background in product development. In 2010, they met and decided to create something new that addressed the issue of waste production in the hospitality industry.

    Thanks to their years of experience in the industry, they knew the extent of the problem and wanted to actively change it. They knew that the key was to create sustainable products that could address the issue of waste without compromising on quality.

    This led to the creation of our company, which has since grown and expanded to offer a wider range of sustainable products. Our team consists of experts in sustainability, hotels, and wellness, which means that we're uniquely equipped to address the needs of our customers.

    We understand that quality is important, and our products are designed to be both individually designable and easy to use. Our Zerowaste products have been well-received by the hospitality industry and have made a significant impact in reducing waste production.

    In conclusion, our company has a rich history of innovation and sustainable solutions. We're proud of what we've achieved so far and are committed to continuing to make a positive impact in the hospitality industry and beyond.