Diana 39 Ring
Diana 39 Ring
Diana 39 Ring
Diana 39 Ring

Diana 39 Ring

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  • Margin : x2-x2.5
  • Shipped From : United States of America
  • Lead Time : 3 - 6 Business days
An elegant 1ct cushion cut crystalline is surrounded by a double halo of diamond white and round crystalline for 1.5tcw set in platinum coated 925 Sterling Silver.

Jewellery Care Recommendations 

 Anna Zuckerman Luxury offers sterling silver jewellery plated with high-quality metal. The plating technology ensures they are protected from elements and keep shining. This materials process is ideal because it allows us to offer an affordable price while still being a high-quality, long-lasting item. 

 Being honest, we are obsessed with sterling silver! Maybe it’s the brilliant shine, maybe it’s the incredible versatility...no matter the reason, it just consistently brings outright glamour. At least it would, provided it’s being cared for correctly and free of dirt and tarnish. However, most folks dread the cleaning process out of fear that the wrong application can forever ruin a favourite piece. We get it. 

That said, sterling silver care is simple, quick, and easy. You just need to know the right “life hacks...” 

The first rule to long sterling silver shine is to know your numbers

Of course, we mean the sterling silver numbers! 

You will want to remember that sterling silver with a rating of .950 will need almost consistent polishing. However, sterling silver with a rating of .925 is sturdier and doesn’t need as much cleaning. AZL carries sterling silver jewellery rated .925 exclusively, which means our pieces will require less work than much of the silver you have already acquired. If you do not find the numbers marked, check with your jeweller. A legible stamp guarantees legitimate silver (and& unfortunately, there is a lot of questionable jewellery out there).  

AZL wants your pieces to ast a lifetime and beyond. It's best to make certain you're getting genuine sterling silver when paying for it. 

 Like your powder, it’s best to keep your silver dry

 Did you know pure water by itself doesn't damage sterling silver? Did you know most of the water we're exposed to in our daily lives is *not* purified? 
Chemicals and contaminants even from the tap contribute to tarnished and dull-looking silver, so it's best to know what to avoid when it comes to water. 

Showers: Once in a while is ok, but we do NOT recommend you make showering with jewellery on a habit. Most importantly, if it happens, be sure to dry it after. 

Swimming: Chlorine is a harsh chemical, so try to always remember to take your silver off. If you forget, be sure to rinse and clean it thoroughly after. 

Hot Tubs: See Swimming and multiply that by heat (which is known to accelerate chemical reactions. 

Hot Springs: Natural hot springs most often contain sulphur, which can wreak havoc on your silver. 

Personal Moisturizing: Jewellery can also be tarnished by the chemicals found in perfumes and lotions. We recommend you apply them first and THEN put your jewellery on. This practice by itself can add years to your silver’s lustre. 

Store It 

Much like a high-performance car without a garage, it’s important to have proper storage and maintenance for your sterling silver in order to ensure it remains clean and performs optimally. 

Firstly, AIR is bad! You don’t want to leave silver lying around on your nightstand, in an open jewellery chest, in your purse OR in a drawer! Air exposure acts like a virus, eating away at your delicate silver. The best course of action is to store your sterling silver in individual, air-tight bags (and it wouldn’t hurt to include anti-tarnish materials, such as silica gel packets). 

You will want to avoid potential scratching by unclasping and unhooking the jewellery and esist the urge to bunch several pieces in the same bag (which will tangle, scratch, tarnish, and everything else you are looking to avoid by reading this). 

We also recommend you travel with a special case to protect your jewellery is you’re taking it on the road. Nothing puts a damper on a vacation quite like scratched jewellery. 

Know when to take it off

We totally get being so obsessed with a ring or necklace or bracelet that you *never* want to take it off. But you actually very much want to, and we’ll tell you why. Wearing jewellery immediately exposes it to a cocktail of influences; personal hygiene chemicals, perspiration, sulphur, chlorine, harsh sunlight and more, which can& all tarnish and corrode the brilliant shine you want to preserve. 
The following is a list of activities that we strongly recommend jewellery removal before participating in, as preventative care is much easier than restoring damaged jewellery... 

  • Chores that require cleaning supplies...or even exertion for that matter 
  • Showering, bathing, swimming, or using hot tubs/saunas 
  • Exercising or playing contact sports 
  • Sunbathing
  • Applying Lotions or creams 
  • Prepping, cooking, or serving/eating foods that contain sulphur (such as eggs or mayo) 

Get ready to polish! 


Despite all this preparation, sterling silver is delicate and will get dirty. The good news is the care does not have to be intensive.  
First, find a microfibre or special jewellery cloth (not paper towels or toilet paper) to clean your pieces. 
Using different parts of the cloth to avoid spreading any tarnish, focus on long up-and-down strokes to clean the jewellery. Refrain from circular motions, as they can make tarnish or dirt even worse. Also avoid polishing any part of the jewellery that is intentionally oxidized. You can use a Q-tip for detailed, complex areas. Get into all the nooks and crannies!

When you adhere to these experienced recommendations, sterling silver care is incredibly easy to maintain. We want to help you prolong the beauty and functionality of your rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more, for years to come!

Size Guide

How To Measure Your Own Ring Size

  1. Get a Tape Measure.
  2. Wrap the Tape Measure around the lower part of the finger you will wear the ring on.
  3. Check for your size in centimeters.
  4. The centimeter number is your ring size.
  5. Example: 6 cm. = Size 6
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