Dead Sea Purifying Mud Mask | 4 x 25g Sachets
Dead Sea Purifying Mud Mask | 4 x 25g Sachets
Dead Sea Purifying Mud Mask | 4 x 25g Sachets

Dead Sea Purifying Mud Mask | 4 x 25g Sachets

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  • Shipped From : United Arab Emirates
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Rivage Dead Sea Purifying Mud Mask rich with Grapefruit A purifying natural Dead Sea mud mask that cleanses deep into your skin, leaving your skin fresh and flawless. Rivage Purifying Real Dead Sea mud mask is rich with a unique blend of revitalizing Dead Sea mud and cleansing Grapefruit oil. Genuine Dead Sea black mud absorbs excess oils and helps cleanse impurities, while Grapefruit help purify deep into your skin pores. Leaves your skin clear, fresh and flawless.

Note: Each Pack Contains 4 Identical Sachets (25g X 4)

Dead Sea mud sachet cleanses the pores, refreshes and absorbs excess oils

Skin Type: All Skin Types

Size: 25g x 4

How to Use:

Apply an even layer on clean face and neck,avoiding wounds,eye and lip. Leave
on for 15-20 mins, after the mud dries gently exfoliate your skin in a circular motion then rinse with warm water. Use once or twice a week

Each sachet for single use only.

Key Ingredients

Dead Sea Mud: Hydrates and moistures your skin while fine mud granules can slough away dead skin cells to reveal fresh, glowing skin beneath. By tightening your skin, Dead Sea Mud can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Dead Sea Mud also helps to boost cell metabolism, which in turn helps your body receive the benefits of our minerals and nutrients.

Grapefruit: (Citrus paradisi) In addition to its refreshing citrus aroma, grapefruit is a cooling and cleansing essential oil which is often used to treat acne. Grapefruit oil increases your skin’s pH level, which can be beneficial in the treatment of acne. Grapefruits are a hybrid fruit, combining sweet oranges with Indonesian pomelos. The carbohydrates, amino acids and fruit acids in grapefruit provide a source of natural moisturization and skin cleansing.


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